Starting a podcast

You know how we swarm to a speaker after they just delivered a talk at a conference?

We are inspired, baffled or impressed by the content that they want a little more. An extra moment to ask a question or challenge them.

That’s how I feel every time I read a well written article, blog post, tutorial or see slides of a talk, or a conference video. I want an extra minute with the author.

I’ve picked up several important things in my profession by actively listening and trying to implement ideas that are being shared in abundance.

Be a better designer. Developer. Team member. Manager. More.

So I started IncrementalUX podcast.

I invite people over and interview them about a specific topic in UI/UX. I try to dive deep into one topic, so that at the end of an episode, you learn something that you can implement right away.

There’re a ton of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. They are all awesome! However, a lot of times I feel like — “Imagine the questions I would ask this person”

I try to stay on topic and provide as much value as possible with my questions.

My hope with this podcast is there are more people out there listening to podcasts the same way I do.

While Cooking. Cleaning. Driving. Driving a lot.

I hope I can help you get better at their craft. By learning from the experts. By asking the right questions and letting them blow our collective intelligence away.

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