Lessons from Discord, Duolingo, Snapchat, Strava, Reddit and twenty other top consumer apps.

The main role of your app’s first screens is to get your users genuinely believing that the app will make their life better in at least some small way. I wrote previously about how the top consumer apps make clear promises to the user and then start delivering on them immediately, getting the user taking action, doing something valuable, in the first few screens.

But even for the top apps — even for the ones with the most compelling user promises — the user will, at some point, run head-on into a whole bunch of screens that are going to…

Lessons from TikTok, Houseparty, Spotify, Bunch, Calm and twenty other top consumer apps

For your app to make it big — really, BIG — you have to figure out how to turn a flood of app installs into a long-term user base.

You need to turn a user’s often-vague intent (“this looks kind of interesting”) into a genuine belief that your app has a role to play in their life —that it will make them fitter, happier or more productive, in at least some small way.

You need to ‘onboard’ your user. And you need to do it quickly. …

“What do I do all day? Let me draw you some circles”, said every product manager ever.

Product management has come a long way in the last decade. There used to be one Venn diagram trying to explain what we PMs actually do. Now, for better of for worse, there’s at least 10.

1. The classic PM venn diagram

Our wall of onboarding inspiration

A series of simple onboarding experiments paid off as much as any new feature we built

For anyone creating a new mobile app, this chart is frightening. It shows the average retention for all Android apps globally.

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