Benefits of NGOs in development

NGOs in India

The concept of Non- governmental organizations or NGOs had emerged in the mid of the nineteenth century. Since then a lot of NGOs have been doing a great work for the progress of the society. The elementary objective of establishing these NGOs was to provide a support system to help the underprivileged sections of the society.

Researches have shown that the role of these NGOs in the development of a society is very important. Several people have been able to enter into a better life due to the helping hand that various NGOs have extended towards them. Talking about the significance of NGOs in a developing society, experts from RVM Foundation have said that these organizations are the voice of the voiceless in a true sense. Rape victims, poverty stricken people, unemployed youths and various other people dealing with misfortune have found a lot of relief because of the backing of various NGOs. These organizations work for different causes and concerns therefore people feel that there is someone to stand with them during the time of their difficulties.

It is worth noticing that these organizations have become more effective and more structured over the years. Earlier they did not have a proper way to carry out their functions but the scenario has changed now and in fact it has become better that what it was a few years ago.

Experts say that the power and influence of social media has also helped in strengthening the NGOs by helping them to reach out to more and more people. Various campaigns run by the leading NGOs on various social media platforms have helped in increasing the social awareness and this is the reason why NGOs have become even more important for the welfare and betterment of the society.