Challenges In Poverty Elimination


This is a fact that India is a developing economy and a lot of development is taking place in the country. Well, this fact cannot negate the other important fact that India is home to 22.5 percent of the world’s poor population. It is true that poverty is a common problem faced by various countries across the world but now is the time to deal with this problem in order to bring a change to this world.

Eradicating poverty is certainly important as this would contribute in saving millions of people from the grip of a hard life.

It is time to initiate poverty mitigation projects in order to bring some relief to the underprivileged people who struggle for even the basic things like food, clothes and shelter. It has become important to stop poverty from growing further because if it continues to grow then it would become almost impossible to control this problem. Various other issues like child labor, unemployment etc are also closely related to the issue of poverty. So it is crucial to eradicate poverty in order to solve various other issues as well.

In order to bring some positive change in the society, RVM Foundation has been making all the possible efforts to help the poor and the needy people. It is difficult to eradicate poverty but it is not impossible, we all must make efforts as per our capacity.