Become Better Each Day

In life, we must learn to compare ourselves with those whom we aspire to be. Not compare ourselves to those who are below us because if we do this, then what we are looking at is being below what we are at present. It’s always said that in life, if you want go up, then look up. Even if you fall down, look up because if you can look up, then you can get up! So, that’s what life is all about. Life is about looking up, life is about hugging aspirations, and life is about trying to become better. It is not comparing ourselves to those who are inferior to us and then saying “Oh! My God wish, I could do that” because they are able to do it. But are those who are inferior to us enjoying life, the way we are enjoying it? Therefore, we must always aspire to be great ‑ to be the best. When we aspire to be great and when we aspire to be the best, our life is transformed to that of joy, bliss, and Nirvana. That’s what we all seek, don’t we? We want to be happy; we want to be in a state of bliss and Ananda. We surely can, but we must look at ourselves being like that. Does the president of India or America think of what the common man does? No, they don’t! They work their life out, enjoying every moment ‑ enjoying the bliss of being the president. We should do the same to be happy.

Inspiration, Motivation