Hello Ravens!

We’re excited to announce the RVC’s listing on Bittrex Global!

As one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, Bittrex Global officially announced to support RVC for trading and deposits/withdrawal.

Bittrex Global Listing Information

Token Symbol: RVC

Trading Pair: USDT, BTC

Available Time for Deposit/Withdrawal: 6PM PDT, Sep 11, 2020,

Available Time for Trading: 6PM PDT, Sep 14, 2020

For detailed information regarding RVC listing on Bittrex Global, please log in to Bittrex Global:https://global.bittrex.com

Furthermore, RVC’s decision to partner with Bittrex Global is a step forward for strengthening its presence in international communities, which also contributes to…

Dear Ravencoin Classic Community,

In order to improve Ravencoin Classic network, RavencoinClassic.io team has released V2.5.2 to remove the RVN assets away from RVC blockchain. Please be noted that, the assets issued ahead of the block height up to 1390000, will be untransferable after September 30, 2020, 00:00:00 (UTC+0).

The assets remove task was completed by the volunteers. We sincerely appreciate for their efforts and we will reward them with the bounty according to the community bounty program we launched in July.

Why makes it necessary to remove the RVN assets?

After the hard fork in October 2019, Ravencoin forked…

RVC Community:

Bittrex Global announced to support for the Ravencoin Classic (RVC) and will distribute RVC tokens proportionally to users who held a Bittrex Global Ravencoin balance on October 1, 2019. As for the details of RVC distribution and withdrawal rules, please pay attention to the further announcements of Bittrex Global.

Link to the Bittrex Global announcement:

Please stay tuned to our community for more information disclosure.

Many thanks for your supports!

Since the first block of the Ravencoin Classic project was mined in March 2018, the Ravencoin Classic project has received continuous attention and support from the community. In October 2019, after the fork caused by Ravencoin’s algorithm change, Ravencoin Classic continued to keep pace with the development of the project. At present, Crypto Asset Exchanges such as Gate.io, Bithumb Global, Longbit, and Hoo.com have supported RVC trading pairs. The well-known mining pool-F2Pool has supported RVC mining, and Gate.io’s decentralized wallet-Wallet.io has supported RVC assets.

RVC (Ravencoin Classic) is a community-driven POW project that focuses on the free issuance of blockchain…

Dear RVC community,

Since Longbit Listed RVC trading pairs and F2Pool supported RVC mining, more and more Ravens are asking about how to install and use RVC wallet,

Below are some guidance about RVC wallet.

Where to find the RVC wallet file?

Please enter in RVC (Ravencoin Classic) Github page,


Ravencoin Classic Tech volunteers made Linux and Windows version wallets. And we are working on the IOS wallet now.

How to download and use the Windows version wallet?

Please follow steps as below,

1. Prepare Materials:

download windows version RVCwallet: raven-2.5.1-win64.zip

old raven wallet file: wallet.dat

2. Click raven-qt.exe…

Today, the well-known crypto asset mining pool F2Pool has posted an announcement to support RVC (Ravencoin Classic) mining. At present, RVC has been launched to F2Pool Labs. RVC (Ravencoin Classic) is a fork of RVN (Ravencoin). Ravencoin Classic (RVC) is a X16R algorithm protocol with features focused on allowing tokens to be issued on the Ravencoin Classic blockchain.

The RVC (Ravencoin Classic) supports GPU mining. Both Nvidia and AMD GPU cards can be used to mine RVC.

F2Pool offers mining benefits as below,

Miners can win a share of 150 RVC additional reward for each block if mine RVC from…

9:00 PM(GMT-5), May 12, 2020, Longbit Exchange organized AMA for Ravencoin Classic. Below are AMA recap details. Let’s see what we talked.

Theme: The original chain has returned- Will Raven Classic become another crypto with huge potential during the Bitcoin halving period?

Moderator: Zach, Asia Operations Director of LongBit Exchange

Guest: Karas, Raven Classic community representative

Hello everyone, I am Zach, Asia Operations Director of LongBit Exchange. I am honored to be able to discuss the topic “The original chain has returned- Will Raven Classic become another crypto with huge potential during the Bitcoin havling period?” with the Ravencoin Classic…

Dear Ravencoin Classic community,

We are happy to announce that, LongBit Exchange will list Ravencoin Classic(RVC) trading pair soon.

This is the first Exchange support RVC, and we believe there be more in the future. Changing the algorithm will not increase the value, adherence to the original chain is also an attitude. Ravencoin Classic will focus more on the liquidity and application of the project.

Trading Pair: RVC/BTC, RVC/USDT

RVC deposit: 15:00 on May 8 (UTC + 8)

RVC withdrawal: 15:00 on May 8 (UTC + 8)

RVC trading: 15:00 on May 10 (UTC + 8)

To celebrate the successful…

Dear Ravencoin Classic Community,

In order to improve Ravencoin Classic network, RavencoinClassic.io team will release V2.4.1 to provide Anti- Replay.

When will release V2.4.1?

UTC 2020–04–02 12:00:00

Why need Anti-Replay?

After the hard fork in October 2019, Ravencoin chain forked as two chains with different algorithms. The chain using the original algorithm (x16r) is called Ravencoin Classic, its token is called RVC.

In order to prevent the transactions on the RVN network from being broadcast to the RVC network and leading to the loss of RVC to the user, we decide to release a new version with Anti-Replay. User’s RVC can be better protected.

How to upgrade to V2.4.1?

Please follow our Github https://github.com/ravencoinclassicio

Updated file of V2.4.1 will be released soon.

Welcome to connect us for more details and talks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RVNClassic_io





Dear Ravencoin Classic fans,

Welcome to our Ravencoin Classic (RVC) community, today is the genesis day of Ravencoin classic family. From now on, RVC will start a new blockchain journey together with you as a fork brother from Ravencoin (RVN).

You probably have heard about Ravencoin, so what’s the Ravencoin Classic?

Ravencoin started as a code fork of Bitcoin on the ninth anniversary of the Bitcoin blockchain. In October 2019, Ravencoin forked as two chains, one used X16R algorithm as before and another one updated its mining algorithm to x16rV2. …


Ravencoin Classic is a decentralized electronic system for creating and transferring asset, use X16R algorithm constantly.

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