Why the Corporate World Doesn’t Scare Me

Besides the fact that everyone is equal to or the same as you; we are all human beings; we all sleep, eat, & adapt. Don’t get me wrong, we all don’t sleep the same, some people are nocturnal, some people don’t always eat, and change isn’t easy for most people BUT we are all human! People make mistakes. Currently I work in the IT department for a small company. If the CEO calls me saying “hey I received a new phone and I need my number transferred” I would need to call the carrier to transfer his number. If forever reason I transfer his number to the wrong device, someone else would probably receive his calls. Now that would be pretty bad. Actually, this has happened to me in the past. When I was confronted about the mistake I made, I simply said “I’m sorry it won’t happen again” and quickly resolved the issue. I know, I sound like someone who probably doesn’t think about consequences right? Wrong! On the contrary, I think long and hard about the consequences. The matter of the fact is, if I don’t make a mistake, I won’t learn to pay attention to that same procedure *next* time. Mistakes are what make us human. If no one made a mistake we would actually be considered robots and Will Smith will probably be hunting our central processing unit. Of course, we should always me meticulous when doing any work that involves other people and importance. The point is, he’s human, he understood that mistakes happen, and even though I completely wasted a whole day of his time by not realizing his phone wasn’t receiving calls, it was okay and fixable.

The Confidence to do Anything Anywhere

If you look at things and people at a high level, you’ll start to realize that everyone goes through that first nervous date, or meeting the parents, or public speaking etc. Usually once you go through it, your less nervous or not nervous at all! It’s all in the mind. One thing I do is imagine myself in the near future overcoming that challenge (or the thing I’m afraid to do in the current time) already living the way I want. I use that as fuel to provide me the confidence I need to overcome any issue. This is vital for me as I am constantly speaking in front of big crowds or in front of time sensitive people. This trick can come very useful in an elevator pitch to sell yourself to your next potential employer. With this mindset, I have been able to keep calm and speak clearly in tight situations.

It’s NOT Bullet Proof!

This won’t always work! Sorry to kill your boosted confidence -3 but you’ll still need to do a little more to boost your confidence and walk like you are someone who has something to bring to the table. There are many things you can try:

  1. Hit the gym. Becoming fit and eating well will make you feel better & look better which will boost your confidence +2, effect your relationships with friends, family, and loved ones, because you now are the cool new feeling good randy, which in turn give you better ROI with people and that’s another confidence boost +5
  2. A new look/ get a new haircut. For men, this will give you a refreshing new feel to your presence. Giving you a confidence boost walking in to a meeting or meeting a new customer/client for the second time. Same goes for the ladies. A new hair color, a haircut can make a big difference in your overall image.
  3. A new wardrobe. New clothes can immediately give you a confidence boost +3. You are bringing a new you! A new image that expresses who you are and where your values rely. This is vital when approaching upper management. You want to dress for the position you want, a fresh clean shave for the men and a refreshing scent is always liked

These can be googled of course. This article isn’t to give you anything new on how to dress or speak. It’s just to give you a simple idea. The idea is, that you can do small things to overcome ANY problem, and soon problems will become challenges. If you get to a point where you just can’t handle it, don’t give up! Remember why you started, think back to the beginning on why you wanted to earn and achieve what you want. There are so many resources on how to get a quick confidence boost to up your game in any situation, but I think the most important thing is to always ALWAYS have faith in yourself and believe that you can do the thing you are trying to overcome. It’s important to try to stay positive even when you don’t see a positive outcome. Now I know, this sounds impossible. But it’s very doable. I mean it’s as simple as starting a medium blog and writing your thoughts aka what I just did. I know it’s not perfect, it may not flow, but I’m sure these words will impact someone or something in your life. Welcome to my first article!