Some time ago Iranwire posted a report of the diatribe of one of the Iranian regime’s functionaries in the province of Fars. It was unadulterated hate speech — par for the course in that country. One of the more bizarre accusations he made was that Bahá’ís were responsible for teaching Muslim youth to love and hold dogs (nothing wrong with that for those of us coming from a Western context but not so good in the pseudo-Islamic context where dogs are considered unclean). I subsequently stumbled across an exposé of the state-sanctioned rounding up of dogs in Iranian cities, including the cruel practice of ripping them away from their owners in broad daylight only to dispose of them in the most horrific fashion — burying them alive. A mentality a world away from the way Baha’i children are raised — to treat animals with infinite tenderness and to do everything in ones’ power to prevent cruelty to them. There are valiant defenders of animal rights in Iran of course — but they unfortunately seem to be fighting a losing battle in the face of this madness.