This is draft of the Human Being’s Seal. We can see the Karma roles and Maya-Veil as emanations, ’cause appears in the Central Descending Way of Naŝmah. We can see the right area, the area of the Alien Nature, ’cause they are descended from the Firstborn Humans or simply called “The First”. We are able to see the role of the Soul and the Spirit, or the Collective Consciousness, or the Superior Self or the Inner Self Individual

Happy New Year by The Kreo World!!!!


I want to tell about #LC&G cosplays & cosplayers. On the video you can see all my favorite cosplayers of this event during the Friday and Saturday. The soundtrack is ‘Sunstain The Untruth’ by the Japanese rock band ‘Dir En Grey’. I can say that this event was be fantastic, the greatest Comics & Games event in Italy, where you can find many people who passionate of these things. Well…

Enjoy the Video!!

Primrose Hill. This place makes me feel in a perfect absolute peace.

Your sunset, the best ever and the magick is so alive and strong into my inner deep.

It was a great spiritual meeting place of ancient druids, recently an helicopter disappeared mysteriously, UFO abductions too…but I adore to see its strong-red sunset, and the core of the city of London view.

While I’m looking you, I lose the time of day, all the dates disappears and I fly up towards the heavenly Dome.

Mr. William Blake said and impressed his words about the meaning of to live the experience of Primrose Hill:

“I have conversed with the Spiritual Sun
I saw him on Primrose Hill.”

And I can confirm that it’s true…

Fondazione Banca del Monte Exhibition. There was three thematic sections: Lords For The Ring (Art Calendar 2017 by Paolo Barbier, Edvige Faini, Ivan Cavini, Alberto Dal Lago, Dany Orizio, Antonio Montanini e Lucio Parillo — The Masters of Italian Fantasy Illustrators), A core of the original Exhibition of “Il Cinema a Pennello” and the last section about the 15 top Project Contest 2016 finalists for the new comics.

Raffaele Vicenzi choose his next illutrator for his first novel…

THX and Have a nice day!!!

This is a first draft of a study about the “Tridimentional Kreo Sephiroth” view. It is the typical mental situation, when you have in your mind something that it doesn’t to recognised or discovered…this is an endeavour to put my inner visions on the paper.

Is this an Inner Scheme of a generic creature? Or Atom of the Universe?

…These are the questions…

During this day I can appreciate all the works of the best Italian fantasy illustrators: Paolo Barbieri, Edvige Faini, Alberto Dal Lago and Dany Orizio.

Raffaele Vicenzi – Racconta Fantastika 2016 | The Fantasy Way

I’m thinking that could be fantastic to work with one of’em…my favourite? Surely Edvige…she can make alive all the elements of her Paintings…I love her for this…and she live in L.A. my favourite city ever…

The Hidden Secrets

Is it only an ancient Tale, an ancient Belief?

Waiting for the activation of Doll-Plotergeist called “Stella”…

She want to learn to walk and follow me during the housework…she like to look at me. Sometime while i’m taking a shower, I see her to run fast secretly. I see only a fast white trail to across the corridor and I feel into myself as someone to walk into my body…She needs more time to trust in me…and I understand her, Is not always simple to accept themselves…Stella is her name, a Doll-Poltergeist fallen from Heaven…

Raffaele Vicenzi

Poet | Writer | Musician | “The Road Goes Ever On” @ L.A. on 2012 by Interscope Digital. Love: Science, Mistery Archeology, Filosophy, Communication and Magick.

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