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Rui Wang

A Poem

Roaring cars,

running pedestrians,

and decreasing greens;

How could we live in a shared street

with changing participants?



The street is always under control,

The speed of the cars;

The space for parking;

The red lights control;

The design of the path;

The street is the mixture of different rules exerted on it.

Poetry in Motion

  1. Competitive Shared Street System
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Street System Occupied by Different Participants

2. How participants are involved

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Participants’ behavior and their influence

3. Example of how one participant influence an another

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Framework Diagram

Gif Variation

  1. Change the sequence of the time- Red light, speed of pedestrians and cars
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Time-By lowering the speed of cars, the pedestrians may run the red lights to save time

2. Change the power- the rules like the path of the cars and the design patterns of the street; set punishment for…

by Guangwei Ren, Rui Wang, Shuo Han

An interactive model of the evalution of infrastructures’ capacity with increasing population and changing demographic structure.

User Interface


Infrastructures serve all-age groups. However, as the the aging of population becomes a serious problem all around the world, especially in developed countries like Japan and Singapore, it would be a question that whether the infrastructures in nowadays could still work in the future if the demographic structure changes heavily? And how the city’s function would shift in this circumstance?

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Population & Percentage(Demographic Structure) Count

We suppose people in different age groups would have different paths and frequencies in using the public…

By Rui Wang & Shuo Han

An interactive model of the floods formation and simulates how precipitation, drainage system, green ratio would collectively influence flooding in the city.

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Simulation of How Green Lands in the City relieve Flooding


Under the circumstance of climate change, the weather gets more extreme and brings about disastrous consequences. …

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