Verizon: No. We Can't Become Dumb Pipes!
Jean-Louis Gassée

Very well reasoned.

My only concern, never having been a Yahoo user or supporter (until they acquired Flickr) is Flickr. Flickr was one of the first successful social networks and remains a viable property for both users and potential owners. It was a lot better in 2004 before Yahoo bought it but no matter how Yahoo mucked around with it, they never killed it and it remains a decent service. I was hoping Butterfield and Fake would buy it back from Yahoo/Verizon and make it great again (I’m still hoping) but short of that I’m hoping Verizon is just as clueless as Yahoo and doesn’t weight it down with too much branding and/or advertising. It’s the only part of the mess that Yahoo is that I ever used (and continue to use) and it would be a shame for it to get wrecked and/or lost in this transition.

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