Genesis is not a Textbook

Genesis is not a textbook. Properly read, it doesn’t have to be the first book of the Bible. Rather, Genesis is a highly developed statement of faith, written during a time when the ancient Hebrews were ripped from their homes and their religion and especially their beloved Temple.

In Babylon, far away, they got busy. They borrowed Near Eastern stories (like the flood) and repurposed them to convey the truth of God and God’s creation. They used the power of their language to convey human origins, beginning with “Adam,” which means “earth,” and “Eve,” which means life.

Thousands of years later, faithful people began to change this poem into the mechanics of creation, looking for archeology from Eden, rejecting science, which would leave the authors of Genesis scratching their beards in wonder…

Maybe if we put Genesis in the middle, or after Revelation we could begin to recover its purpose as a Creed, a starting point for grateful living…hmmm. It reads much better that way

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