The Bible and Block Logic

The reason the Bible is so hard to understand is that we Westerns use logic that is often linear (a=b, b=c, then a=c), while the Ancient Hebrews didn’t think that way at all.

They took blocks of ideas and put them into stories that seem to contradict each other. The attempted Sacrifice of Isaac is a famous example, with God “testing” Abraham by ordering him to kill his child, and then “providing” a ram for the sacrifice instead.

God Tests. God Provides. Both are true. Both are a mystery beyond our understanding.

It helps to know that in the Hebrew Language the word for “provide” is also “see.” So perhaps while we live and pray and stand before the Contradictions and Mysteries of God, seeing dimly perhaps, we may be given little glimpses of hope and healing and clarity and justice until we see Heaven itself.

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