What happened in Nain happens today

Nain is a town in Luke chapter 7. Nain is still there, right off highway 65, four miles southeast of Nazareth. Then, as now, people living in Nain watch out for each other, work alongside each other, know each other’s business. This explains the drama of the miracle that happened there.

A funeral was taking place when Jesus approached. The dead boy was a widows only child, her only means of support, and everyone knew it.

But Jesus raised him, and everyone proclaimed Jesus to be a prophet, which reveals the bigger story at work here.

Nain sits in a valley, the same valley where, some eight centuries before the prophet Elijah raised another widows son. For eight hundred years they read this story and wondered if it would ever happen again or for them or if they were just words on a page.

In Nain, they saw God was back, in living color, today. And God is still at work, healing, guiding, whispering in the dead of night. God was here. God is here. Are we listening? Do we see?

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