During times of crisis change is inevitable, but not without pain. However, these pains often serve as a catalyst for innovation.

In the midst of the pandemic, perhaps nowhere is this clearer than in the move to telemedicine. This change came abruptly following the federal government’s reduction of regulatory requirements…

Entering medications into Health Here’s mobile app, Clinic Q

There’s the Modern Consumer Experience, and Then There’s Healthcare

Recall your last experience flying with your favorite airline. I bet booking your ticket and then checking-in for your flight went something like “tap, tap, tap” and, then, shortly after, you were flying. Or think about the last time you ordered…

The Hillary Step was the final obstacle on a climb to the summit of Everest. We’re at a similar moment in U.S. healthcare.

The Hillary Step (Photo: Bradley Jackson/Getty)

In 2015, a revelation shocked the climbing world: an earthquake shook the famed Hillary Step off the slopes of Mount Everest. The Hillary Step (named not for…

Health Here’s Clinic Q Kiosk Platform

I had some time to think.

The moment wasn’t intentional or a part of a work-life balance routine. It was actually far less glamorous than that. No, this moment came because I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting room.

I’ve worked in the healthcare industry 20 years, but fortunately I’ve…

Ryan Wells

Founder, CEO Health Here

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