There’s This Weird Good Vibe From The Last Night Performance

On September 11, the half moon was hung on the night sky which was so clear we could see the clouds moving slowly. My friends and I came late. As we came from the entrance, we could see maybe less than a hundred people were sitting at the Dago Tea House’s amphitheater enjoying the show while there were more than a hundred of people on stage doing their music performance. Such a number, huh?

They were from Jatiwangi Art Factory (JAF), an artist collective based in Jatiwangi, Majalengka. First time I knew them was almost a year ago while we’re still working on Ilubiung Project #2. Since some things came up, I couldn’t join my friend’s trip to Jatiwangi back then. They spontaneously went to see closing ceremony of Ceramic Music Festival and of course their stories and experience they had had open our eyes about how art could give such an impact to a city.

I cannot imagine what it feels like until I experienced it myself.

Dago Tea House Amphitheater and JAF’s performance

The 111 Jatiwangi’s residences were on their school uniform from elementary to senior high, singing and playing the instruments made from clay. Not to mention the beautiful police women on their uniform and also the civil servants who wore their dark green uniform. Their village’s chief was wearing an all-white-general-like-uniform with the hat on. Mic on his hand, he walked toward the center of the stage, sang a powerful lyrics accompanied by the loud thumping sound of kendang and guitar. The middle school girls played their ocarina then swinging their legs in sync.

It’s been a while since I heard songs beside love story. Though I don’t really remember what it was about to be exact, but I knew it talked about life, simple things that matter which we somehow forgot, and perhaps about our country. There’s this kind of scary yet excited feeling right to the soul from their music. Then this last three song was Sundanese played in fun melody which made all the people walked toward the center, dancing, singing, laughing, enjoying them self.

I saw no boundaries between them. I could see the civil servant were dancing with the high school students or these kids who danced freely which hardly to see these days. Some of the visitors clapping their hands, join them in the crowd.I couldn’t help but smile.

That performance made us enjoyed our self at the moment and somehow forgot about our problems. They looked so proud of them self and sang as if they had no worries. I was touched.

There should be a lot of hard work to bring that out. Jatiwangi was known from its roof tile and this artist collective knew the potential and they could make it into something new. They could extract soil becoming some alcoholic drink and perfume; made the roof tiles become the base of music instruments, making a bodybuilder contest and much more.

It was beyond great, it was beyond beautiful. It was not about how good their performance on stage, but how good they could bring the people together and make them proud of them self.