A New Release

Ryan Wilson
Nov 22, 2019 · 1 min read

During this semester for the third release, we had to get one PR merged into our internal project and completed a larger external PR. For the next upcoming release, we have to do the same thing (Create one PR that is merged into the internal project and completed a larger external PR).

Internal Project

For the Telescope project, I have claimed the email section of the project because I was working with Nodemailer in the third release. For the email section it seems that we are missing a lot of code coverage for it which means I will create an issue and finish it if no one wants it. I have created an issue to create an email template to make it easier to send emails and will finish this first before moving onto another internal PR.

External Project

For my external project, I have decided to work on Darkreader again. I have selected an issue to add a feature to the actual browser add on. This feature will sort the site list of alphabetically and is an issue that is will improve the user experience.


Release 03- https://medium.com/@rwilson31/open-source-contribution-update-4fb8f530a3b5

Internal- https://github.com/Seneca-CDOT/telescope/issues/190

External- https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader/issues/682

Written by

Hi my name is Ryan Wilson and these blogs are for a course called OSD600

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