With Hacktoberfest coming to an end, we must start on a new Open Source project. During this semester, our open source development class has decide to create an open source project as a class. The project name is Telescope and is a project to manage/display our feeds. Each week we must get at least 1 PR merged into the Telescope project along with a larger external PR outside of this internal project.

Getting started with the Telescope project

So far the requirements to create a local copy of the Telescope project is Node.Js and Redis. Once you have all those installed it follows a simple process of installing the dependencies with NPM Install and to start the application you use the NPM start command.

Internal Project

For the Telescope project, I have decided on creating an email sender with Nodemailer which will be used to send an email to the admin/users if an error occurs. I decided to work on this issue because I like to work with Javascript frameworks and it would be interesting to work with and see how an email can be sent using node.

External Project

For my external project, I have decided to work on Darkreader as it was one of my projects that I had installed from Hacktoberfest. I have selected a bug where the toggle buttons would duplicate the text when a specific action is taken. I had seen this issue during Hacktoberfest, but could not find the solution for this issue as their code is fairly complicated. Since we have until November 15th to completed Release 0.3, it should give me just enough time to figure out a solution to this issue.


Internal issue — https://github.com/Seneca-CDOT/telescope/issues/25

Internal PR — https://github.com/Seneca-CDOT/telescope/pull/93

External issue — https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader/issues/1621

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