Update on the Release

Ryan Wilson
Dec 1, 2019 · 2 min read

For a recap, this week we will have to work on our newest release which consists of creating 1 internal PR which has to be merged and 1 larger external PR.

Internal Project

Telescope Project

As stated in my previous blog post, for my internal PR I have claimed the email section using Nodemailer. As talked about, I was planning to create an email template to make it easier to send emails and move onto fixing the code coverage for the code if I had time. A issue was created and to fix the code coverage for the email-sender.js code and was already assigned. In terms of progress on the internal project, I have been looking at many ways to create an email template. All the templates I have viewed contain very long and complicated code which is not maintainable by the code maintainers once merged. This means that I will have to design the email template from scratch, currently I have been browsing on the elements that can be used in an email. For an email template it seems that you must be some form of table to maintain the structure of the email. I have been drawing out what I may want the template to look like keep in factors including maintainability of the code and reuse-ability.

One of my mock ups

I have decided on a simplistic design where the type of message can be changed out if necessary. Since I do not know what we are using the emails for aside from errors, I have created it in a way that you can easily change the code.

External Project


As stated in my previous blog, I have decided to work on Darkreader again. The issue was to add a feature to Darkreader which will allow a way to maintain a long list of sites on the sitelist. In terms of progress on the issue, I have been working away on a way to sort the list and where to implement it in the code. From my previous issue on Darkreader, I have a fairly good grasp on where to start on this issue but the code still has many grey areas as I have not touched the code related to the sitelist. I am currently working on many different things related to the code including what I would like the design to look like, how/where to actual change the code and an efficient way to sort the sitelist.


Previous Blog Post — https://medium.com/@rwilson31/a-new-release-cc643d658efd

Darkreader issue — https://github.com/darkreader/darkreader/issues/682

Telescope issue — https://github.com/Seneca-CDOT/telescope/issues/190

Ryan Wilson

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Hi my name is Ryan Wilson and these blogs are for a course called OSD600

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