Case Study: Cloud Space

A simple way to save information and collaborate with others all in one easy-to-use environment


Cloud Space is an online-based application that allows users to save information from online sources or by uploading their own content. This content can be saved and accessed for individual use or for teams to share and collaborate.

The Problem

There are a number of services that are offered to store information and share with others but typically charge extra to do so. And the number of different services offered makes it tough to figure out which ones is best for the user. During user research, it became clear that most people who are trying to save information they see online are not aware of the best way to do so or find issues with the current method they are using. It seemed that many platforms were used to save websites as bookmarks. Some used the bookmark feature within their browser while others used sites such as Pinterest or Pocket to save links and reference them later on.


Cloud Space will allow users to save information from online or by uploading content, creating content within the service itself, and share and collaborate with others. It will act as a “one-stop-shop” for any users needs without having to use multiple platforms to accomplish several tasks. Users will be able to save links or bookmarks and sort them easily within folders. In addition, notes can be created within Cloud Space and sorting them based on preference such as category or alphabetically. Images can also be saved or uploaded and sorted.

Link to InVision prototype


My role for Cloud Space was UX/UI Designer as well as building a landing page for the service. This consisted of designing and maintaining all assets for the application including branding guidelines, logo design, wireframing and full screen mockups with prototypes. Surveys and user tests were conducted to ensure the user flows made sense and everything in the design was meaningful to the user.

UX Research

User surveys, user personas, user stories, user flows, competitive analysis, user testing

UI Design

Branding, logo design, sketches, wireframing, mockups, prototyping

Survey Results

Key points

  1. The most popular type of content visited were, respectively, social media, news publications, and videos.
  2. 95% of respondents said they save content online either sometimes or often.
  3. 77% stated they bookmark it in their browser and 63% said they download content.
  4. 82% said they often or sometimes write notes to save for later, whether for personal or work purposes.

The majority of respondents stated that they would like the process of saving or adding content was more organized. Because users will be able to save content they find online as well as add their own content such as notes or images, organization will be a main focus for the project. Also, because many stated they use it for work purposes, adding a collaboration feature to the MVP will be ideal to obtain users across a larger spectrum. Additional findings from the survey indicated that having a website for the service would be a given but desktop and mobile applications and possibly a built-in browser widget will be beneficial for growth.

Link to full survey results


User Flows


Favoriting an item

Competitive Analysis


Dropbox is a cloud-based file storage system that allows you to sync documents and share them with others. It also incorporates a collaborative work environment with Dropbox Paper. The service is beneficial but it’s mostly geared towards business use and charges more for storage.

Google Drive

Similar to Dropbox, Google Drive offers the ability to save and share documents. Google drive is beneficial for both personal and business usage and offers better pricing tiers than Dropbox. However, the Google Suite includes many different products that can become confusing to use for someone looking for a simple bookmarking and content saving tool.

Link to full analysis

Design & Branding

Name & Logo

Color Palette


Wireframe Sketches

Hi-Fi Wireframes

Landing Page
Account Settings


Link to InVision prototype

User Testing

UserTesting Video 1

UserTesting Video 2

UserTesting Video 3


From the start of research to deployment of the site, total time spent on the project was just over four full work weeks (2–3 days per week for 4 months). The implementation of the final design was able to be executed perfectly without compromising any aspects or functionality. If additional time could be used on the project, I would have liked to redesign the dashboard layout.

Many tools were used in creating Cloud Space and many areas were new to me. During this project I was able to learn concepts in user experience, surveying and research, user interface design, prototyping, and web development. Not only learning these concepts but understanding the reasoning behind why each one is done and the order in which they are done have be extremely helpful for how I layout, plan and allocate time for future projects.



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