Everybody Hates Mondays, So We Decided To Do Something About It

People are most unhappy on their Monday commute

About a year ago somebody told me a statistic that was both shocking and obvious.

When a random group of people were asked to chart their happiness over the course of the week their lowest happiness point was on their Monday morning commute to work.

It figures, of course. I feel it, too. But it’s also shocking to think that so many of us feel that way and there’s a sense of resignation about it. There’s a feeling that that’s just the way life goes so suck it up and get used to it.

Well, I think that’s bullshit.

So, with the help of more than a dozen of my colleagues at the Empire of Australia, we’ve embarked on a mission to make those otherwise just awful minutes much, much better.

We wanted to create something that made people look forward to Mondays

Empire Radio debuts in 2015 with The Joe Show

After listening to Serial we were inspired to create a fictional, mystery podcast.

We wanted to create something that made people look forward to Mondays because all of us deserve better than to be miserable on our way to work.

This year, we’re debuting Empire Radio and its very first offering: The Joe Show.

Imagine a cross between The X-Files, Serial, and The Howard Stern Show and you’ve got a pretty good idea of what we’re aiming for with The Joe Show.

What’s the Joe Show all about?

In our fictional parallel universe a man named Joe Franklin seeks to unearth the most bizarre mysteries happening in Cascadia and to try to explain them.

He’s got an army of loyal listeners who give him tips.

Series One of The Joe Show starts with a tip from a woman named Mrs. Russell who has noticed some very unusual goings on in her neighborhood.

You see, this weird group has moved into neighborhood and bought up a whole city block. At first she thought it was good, because it drove out some of the seedier elements from the area, but this was no ordinary gentrification. Pretty soon a chain link fence goes up around the area. Pretty soon people in ambulances start arriving. Pretty soon people dressed as doctors and nurses are on the scene to take care of the “patients”. Everybody is smiling. Like really, really smiling. Like unnaturally so. And they never stop smiling.

What exactly is going on here?

That’s the question that Joe Franklin and his team of cohorts are going to seek to answer.

You can listen to the trailer for Series One here: http://radio.empyre.co/

Our goal, our hope, is to make this first series, of just 6 episodes, the first of many.

What do you think?