Probably the last time I’ll ever see this view…

Today is a milestone.

Nearly five years ago I left the world of professional theatre where I’d spent 10 years toiling long hours thanklessly for little pay and I jumped into the world of technology with both feet.

I joined what was then called PHPfog, which would later be renamed AppFog, which would later be bought by Fortune 158 behemoth CenturyLink.

Today marks the end of our time working in AppFog’s main office in Portland, Oregon.

We’re moving to CenturyLink’s offices about six blocks away.

On the face of it, moving six blocks shouldn’t seem like that big a thing. My commute in will be merely moments longer. The walk to my favorite coffee shop will now provide me a slightly longer respite from the office.

But it’s a huge deal for me.

When I started at PHPfog I knew more than the average Joe about technology, but I wasn’t a true geek. I knew the very basics of business, but wasn’t well versed in that arena.

At AppFog I was thrown into the deep end of a very large pool and told to figure out how to swim. I had to teach myself, with advice and help from many, how to manage the operations for a business that grew from three people when I joined to over 40, raised $10M in venture capital, spent nearly $10M in venture capital, and got our own floor of an entire office building in downtown Portland.

I was responsible for managing the entire build-out process and move to this new office space. It was a big task and one which I wasn’t necessarily prepared to take on, but I rose to the challenge.

Moving out of this office marks the end of almost everything that I had a hand in building at AppFog. It’s the last vestige of what I was responsible for at the company that hasn’t already been handed off, deprecated, transferred, automated, or killed off.

The phrase, attributed to the Sufi poets, this too shall pass comes to mind.

New challenges. New setbacks. New glories. New fears. New failures. New successes.

What’s next?