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Marketing in a recession is challenging for organizations of all sizes. However, it also comes with a lot of opportunities to drive business growth. The right digital marketing strategies during an economic downturn will set you apart from the competition. You are here to win, so let’s focus on digital marketing strategies that will increase revenue in a recession.

Oftentimes companies will cut marketing budgets during a recession. Cutting the marketing budget during a recession will also result in fewer leads. Consequently, this will also mean that your company will generate less revenue.

It’s understandable that companies cut marketing budgets though. For many companies, it’s a time of fear and uncertainty. People are rushed into decisions and that often results in the wrong decisions being made. …

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Marketers, fasten your seatbelts. You’re about to enter a rollercoaster. A market downturn will result in challenging market conditions. It also forces companies to come up with innovative and cost-effective market strategies. The intelligent marketers will come out victorious. Let’s look at how a recession affects marketing.

The marketing department is affected by a recession by buyers being more cautious of investments. The pressure for proven returns on marketing expenditures will increase. Furthermore, value-based marketing will become more important as marketers need to tackle the decline in consumer confidence.

The Great Recession in 2009 has taught us, marketers, a lot. It’s allowing us to navigate the upcoming troubled waters. However, you better have a solid ship or start building one as soon as possible. …

On launching, marketing, and successfully holding remote events

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Our world is innovating at a pace that’s unprecedented. Technology is improving on a daily basis, allowing people across the globe to build relationships. A great opportunity for us marketers.

We can now create virtual conferences that people can join without having to travel. So, let’s focus on the right way to set up a virtual conference.

To set up a virtual conference, you’ll need a plan, a good conference platform, the right equipment, some speakers, and marketing reporting tools. Executed correctly, it’s a lead generation magnet.

The truth is that the most valuable asset of a traditional conference is the ability to network with people. …


Ricky Wolff

Ricky’s North Star is growth. He is the founder of www.markletic.com, a blog about growth hacking and demand generation in marketing.

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