Wells Fargo’s Business Model is Fraud
Bernie Sanders

The US Federal Reserve Central Bank, which practices the greatest Ponzi scheme known to mankind, Fractional Reserve Banking, is a fraud. Banking in the USA or anywhere else will not change until it is changed at the top. Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke and the Board of the Federal Reserve should be the first to be thrown in jail. They and the system they enable is a criminal enterprise designed expressly for debasing and destroying the value of United States currency. That is done in order to let the US government inflate away all the debt incurred by the endless money printing undertaken to fund endless, limitless purchases and expenses by the US government. This results in egregious and irreparable harm to the citizenry of the US by directly stealing the value of the currency that they are mandated, by law, to use. Massive Government in the USA and the massive disparities it creates and maintains will only end when the currency collapses, the government collapses or the government is reduced in size and scope by at least a factor of 10. Whichever comes first.
Stop making out business as the problem Bernie. That is using them as a scapegoat while you generate buzz in the media. Business is only as crooked as the system it works in. The real problem lies in the government that you are a part of.

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