The War on Drugs: A Narcotics Officer’s Perspective
Carl Tennenbaum

Carl I really appreciated your story, so much so I posted it on my Facebook page (I am running for County Sheriff on an anti-Drug War platform).

I felt pretty smug.

Then one of my readers posted the story of you posting a video driving through a SF tunnel at 100 MPH, posing the question, “This officer consistently showed poor judgement and no regard for public safety, but you support him?”

Oh damn.

I read the Facebook story, and the link to the story as to your new last name.

And I’m still thinking about the question, so much so that I am tempted to do a Facebook Live post as the most efficient way to get my thoughts on the subject out there.

Right here, right now, however, I just want to say a few things. My LE career only lasted 2 years, after which I was fired by a new 72 year old mayor for refusing to eliminate my (neatly trimmed) beard, even though the previous 91 year old mayor had not had a problem with it (small Iowa town, Maquoketa, 1974).

During those 2 years every officer in the department regularly went out on the highway, at night, and drove as fast as the car would drive, 10 to 20 MPH above 100. We weren’t even supposed to leave the city limits, but it bothered none of us. ‘Burning out the carbon,’ was the standard joke. No tunnels.

My point is this. LE is not quite like other work. It’s not all heroism and danger, as the public likes to imagine it and as the media and their political friends like to portray it. And it’s not all graft and corruption and dishonesty, as the same media and their other political friends like to portray it.

It’s complicated.

The Drug War, however, is not complicated. It is simply wrong wrong wrong. High cost, no return on investment, destroys millions of lives, immoral.

You can find me on Facebook at IowaRick. Thanks for the intellectual stimulation. Let’s get social justice now, not later.

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