‘ How many self entitled rich brats can I piss off today’

or Another reason we need UBI

This guy I follow https://medium.com/@2noame posted another one today


So just like the recent San Francisco posts — Talia the worker and some other entitled twat -

The debtors prison is just another article about this great country we live in (for those of us that happen to be Americans at least)

I won’t go into details about the entire article — but there was a part that particularly resonated with me. The story about a poor black woman who was arrested and jailed for not being able to pay her fines. (For DRIVING)

There is a huge number of people who don’t consider how this one simple ‘right’ that was turned into a ‘priveledge’ effects so many others. Yes, you read that correctly — i called it a ‘RIGHT’ — It’s my belief that all of us should have the ‘RIGHT’ to be able to transport ourselves to and from wherever the hell we desire when we desire (unless you drive under the influence). That is the only time any human should have their priveledge to drive taken away — and even now it’s not about the DUI , it’s about how much money you give your lawyer — once again the ‘priveledged’ get away with fucking murder — the rest of us suffer.

For my entire adulf life that has been the biggest problem I faced — from being ‘indoctrinated’ through school and taught that driving is a ‘priveledge’. Well, that sounds good and all — hell I can even understand wanting people to take at least a minimal test to show they can drive.

The problems start to happen when low income earners can barely pay their bills as it is — let alone a traffic ticket or ‘mandatory’ insurance. I mean , can you imagine — you wake up every morning and go to your drudgery of a job and you have to ‘pay’ an insurance agent because you decided just to own a vehicle so you could ‘earn’ a living.

There’s an oxy-moron. ‘Earn a living’ — I’m sorry, my fucking heart started beating in the womb. You want to tell me I have earn a ‘beating’ heart. I didn’t ask for that, I didn’t borrow that. Life is a gift — not something you have to earn.

Back to this driving shit. When you’re a carpenter trying to pay the bills and feed your wife and children the last thing on earth you need is a fucking fine becuse Mr. Officer chooses to pull over the shitty van instead ot the Mercedes. And then I get told I can’t drive because I can’t afford to pay it. I gotta tell you folks — 200 lbs of saws and extension cords and tools isn’t light — try carrying that shit to a bus stop.

Oh wait, I forgot — I build new houses where there aren’t any fucking bus stops yet. Bet your ass, most of the houses I did build were in gated communities too — the biggest one was 14000 sq feet. 1 Acre of fucking floor space for some rich prick and I can’t even pay my bills.

So much for following in the foot steps of christ and being a carpenter — well I got my ass beat enought for it I guess, does that mean I get to go to heaven.

And then on top of the 4 or 5 times I lost my license and had my vehicle towed let’s not forget all the other problems that come with poverty.

Everything the poor does costs 3 times as much as it does for people with money. You want electricity with a shitty credit score — be prepared for a $400 deposit(poor tax). You need to get your license back after suspension — be prepared for SR22 insurance — $15/mo for 3 years(more poor tax). You want cable and internet with a shitty credit score — theres another $100 deposit(poor tax) — the list goes on and on and on.

It’s no wonder people can’t just ‘work’ their way out of poverty — it seems like every time we turn around some other ass-hat has his fucking hand in our pocket.

So yeah , just more reasons we need UBI — if anything maybe it will cover all the ‘poor’ tax that we pay — and rich people bitch about having to pay taxes — fuck you — i would love to make enough money to pay taxes. Maybe if you get your damn hands out of my pocket I could get there so you would quit bitching at me about living on welfare and foodstamps.

OK, thats my rant for the day — If I pissed off some rich asshole today my job is complete.

For those of you interested in a universal basic income — please visit the following pages

http://mybasicincome.org/ — you can sign up for one yourself — or if your one the few that believes all humans deserve some form of dignity you can donate as well.

https://www.reddit.com/r/BasicIncome/ — great place to see what is going in the world regarding this subject.

And blame this guy — https://medium.com/@2noame — he’s the unsuspecting mentor I started following LOL