Some F***ing title

Well I have been working again , for the first time in as many years as I can remember. Not just one job , but two to top it off.

I made it 3 months this time — now the carpal tunnel has kicked in so bad all i can do is work , come home and sit around in pain.

I have a nerve study scheduled this week so I will get the final word on needing surgery. The only problem is how will this effect my employment.

I am only working as a temp at the moment and was looking foreward to being hired full time w/benefits. But if I have to miss work to have a surgery I am pretty sure my chances

for getting hired full time will dissappear.

Not that it really matters, I would only be getting $15hr anyway. Heh, 46 years old and I am only worth a burger flippers wages. Im not saying they dont deserve a livable wage -

but fuck me. I can guarantee I use a hell of a lot more brain power and physical energy in manufacturing — if some burger flipper is worth $15/hr I am worth at least $30/hr.

But wage slavery aside, unfortunately I live in a country(USA) with zero fucking decent medical or social programs, and everything in my life has been tied to my shitty credit

(poverty) score.

I have a million and one things I could be doing and the only fucking thing stopping me is $$$. The only fucking thing I seem to have the freedom to do is work and fucking pay

bills, and pay bills and pay bills.

I thought there was supposed to be a reward for working. The only reward I have seen in my lifetime of wage slavery is fucking poverty and debt.

I keep hearing all this shit about a new ‘sharing economy’ — well let’s get this shit started.

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