Notes on prototyping circuit boards: breadboards, perfboards, and beyond



  • 1 (yellow): ground
  • 2 (white): GPIO 19 (board pin #35) input to Raspberry Pi
  • 3 (green): power

Custom PCB Manufacturing

  • Eagle PCB templates
  • KiCad
  • $5.000/ea (1x), Schmartboard 5.080x5.080cm, 0.1" + 0.050", 2-side
  • $1.400/ea (10x), Dirtypcbs 5x5cm, 2-side, custom design
  • $0.156/ea (10x), 99033 Aliexpress paper PCB, 5x7cm, 1-side

Alternative Techniques

Sky Wiring

Island Pad Copper Clad

Surface Mount Boards

  • 2 layer PCB design, solderable on both sides
  • Dimensions within 5 cm x 5 cm, for cheap production
  • Support for common surface-mount component footprints




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