Important Features of eLearning System You Should Know About

There is no denying that self-paced learning has turned into highly beneficial and capable training method for corporations because it allows individuals to improve their knowledge and efforts to put in right way. With the eLearning they are free to make their own time and get information on the premise of their requirement. The world is rapidly moving from instructor-led training to online training system, which is available with various additional benefits of saving papers, cost, time and efforts. Saving of these crucial elements have made eLearning the preference for all small and bid enterprise that every 3 out of 5 companies in the United States of America, manage online training session to teach their employees. The eLearning make it simple to divide various crucial components and learn them from the dept. this way, employees of an organization become able to bring the best from their efforts and accelerate company’s overall development. This shift to digital content has revolutionized the world of training.

The learning management system makes it easy for employees to search right content and get benefits. on an average, people spend about 20% of their day while searching for the right information. The online learning management system fills the gap of knowledge, improves efficiency, saves time, and maintains suboptimal user experience. With LMS, they are able to find what they are looking for while saving the time, increasing productivity and making use of valuable time. The LMS platform, itself, is fully functional and highly capable system that works as a search engine for the companies and provide quality content to the individuals. Apart from the search of right content, the system helps to train the employees quite effectively and also with technology-driven equipments. Below are the potential benefits recorded by various studies and the surveys conducted in the US. Have a look and know about them-

Speed- Every second matters for searching. Rapid search feature of the online LMS platform that the content is delivered just-in-time when needed like right before the sales call. It has effective filtering system in the place and allow users to find content at granular level.
Machine Learning

As search becomes more advanced and users become more savvy, search results are more aligned with the unique user. Machine learning is an important element of search which recommends content based on user behavior and patterns. Prompting suggestions based on prior searches and visitations accelerates the speed of a search as well. Machine learning enhances eLearning by increasing content retrieval quality and overall user experience.

The ability to adapt to the preferences of user groups is particularly helpful for trainers who can use engagement analytics to gain insight regarding the most effective learning patterns and optimize the training content accordingly. For instance, a sales rep views a training infographic that they find especially pertinent to their training. They are then prompted with similar infographics that are relevant to their new search, suggesting a certain learning. Machine learning uses behaviors and patterns to detect individual learning styles creating a personalized learning experience.

Predictive Search

Predictive search is a unique way to personalize the eLearning platform to benefit the user. This capability can guide a user to the desired results, rather than yielding a large number of results that may not be as relevant for the particular situation. This functionality is highly appreciated by users who may not have access to a device with a keyboard, saving time on typing.

When executed well, predictive search can help fulfill the needs of users before they have recognized the need themselves. Specifically, predictive search combines user historical behavior, collective patterns, the presumptive context, and the current query of information to anticipate the user’s active intent and administer the most probable answer.
This advanced search capability is the future of eLearning. Platforms are gradually introducing essential elements of predictive search such as search history storage which uses that data to personalize, anticipate, and analyze user behavior.