The future is bright!

After almost 2.5 great years working at Webydo. in the marketing department, it’s time to part ways and move on to bigger, brighter things. I was fortunate enough to have a wide variety of responsibilities and master many skills during my time working in a high volume, Saas environment, including managing large advertising budgets, lead generation, data collection and reporting, Analytics setups and configurations, content marketing, email marketing and many others.

I want to thank everyone at Webydo who I had the pleasure of working with. In particular, I want to thank Yam Regev, one of the best marketers in the game for taking a chance on me and allowing me to really grow professionally.

In the interim, my plans are to take on some more consulting work in the campaign management, data analytics and marketing operations consulting fields while keeping my eye out for the many interesting opportunities that I have in front of me.

I’m extremely excited for this new chapter and look forward to what the future will bring!!

Be sure to follow my next moves on Twitter.

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