The Perfect Window

Or why details are important

I live in an old apartment house which was built somewhere between first and second world war. Today, while climbing the stairs up to my apartment I’ve noticed that one of the windows located in the stairwell was opened. One particular detail immediately caught my attention.

Window lock built-in the window frame

It’s only purpose is to lock the window in a opened position so it won’t be slammed by strong wind; a need for such detail can be advocated by the fact that the glass and frame are very fragile and if the window will be shut by the wind with force it will be simply smashed into pieces.

Time passed and we are in the 21st century already. Windows in my apartment, which were recently changed for a new ones, don’t have such a lock built in anymore. I don’t know what was the reason why the detail vanished; was it because manufacturers wanted to cut production costs or maybe because modern windows are made of tempered glass and metal inlays and wont break so easily — I don’t know.

Let’s look at the added value of that simple detail.I live in a windy area (it is located between a river and mountains) and few nights every month a strong wind rises which shuts windows with such force it wakes me up everytime it happens. Few nights every month I spend running around my apartment closing all the windows so then I can try to fall asleep in sweltering heat but without being woken up by a window slams. Well that sucks. A simple detail which costs almost nothing could solve the problem.

Now if we step back, take a look at everything that surrounds us and think how we use these thing in our daily tasks we would probably think of at least one small detail which will make them better. Almost every product that we use daily has the small detail missing which makes the difference between great and mediocre. And it absolutely doesn’t matter if the detail is grey or red, it matters if the details is there and how well it is made and how well it contributes to the product.

Which leads me to conclusion that probably most of you have heard countless number of times: great products are composed of small details. Using different products every day (and feeling great ammount of friction or joy while doing so) just proves it more and more.

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