IA#4: Museum Visit 1

Philippine National Museum

This is the main entrance of the National Museum.

Outside the National Museum.


Rural Scene ( After the Rain ) by Serafin Serna 1918–1979

I think this painting is about how powerful the nature is, and this also portrays how the storm passes by in provinces wherein it has been most affected. This is to show on how nature can be good and can be cruel, it can destroy you or it can help you. A lot of people these days tend to forgot that we need to take care of the nature and not destroy it, so in a way this painting will remind us that our nature must be protected.

Portrait of a Lady [also known as Mi Novia or Portrait of Paz Pardo de Tavera] by Juan Luna Y Novicio 1857–1899

This is Juan Luna’s “cursed painting,” they say that anyone who owns this painting will have a bad future. This painting in my point of view is to show how women in 1800’s are religious because of the rosary that the lady is holding.

San Isidro Labrador by Faustino Quiotan 1770–1825

This is a painting or a portrait of a Saint, this was made between 1700’s and 1800’s. This portrait clearly says that the Philippines already has a religion in those early time, that the people back then believe that there is a being who created us.

Paris by Emilio Aguilar Cruz “Pen and ink on paper” 1980

This portrait on what is the lifestyle of Paris back then. I think shows two people buying something in a merchant. It shows how people back in Paris buy stuffs in streets, and it shows how unique their markets, and how unique their clothing style is.

Paris by Emilio Aguilar Cruz “Watercolor on paper” 1980

This is another portrait if Paris wherein it shows the buildings and streets of Paris. In this portrait it shows how unique the structures of Paris is, it tells us how industrial and creative its people is.

Immortality by Emilio Aguilar Cruz “Oil on canvas” 1985

This portrait tells us the pride and will of every Filipino person, on how it can’t be easily broken by anybody, and it cant easily die.

Departure by Arturo Rogelio Luz 1926

This is art tells us that there are two events that may happen in every departure, a sad and dark departure “the left picture” wherein there are no good in your goodbyes and that there may no way to comeback and another one is a happy and light departure “the right picture” wherein there will be no sadness but acceptance and optimism,that there will be a bright future ahead.

Character in Black by Alfredo Liongoren “Oil on wood” 1994

Lastly, is this portrait of a black portrait, i think this tells us that we will always experience dark days wherein everything isn’t going well and lots of problem may come, but that is not to say that you should give up because there is a solution to everything, because there might be a bright tomorrow that is waiting for you.