Why Taipei beats Tokyo and Seoul as one of the top tourists’ choice?

As Taipei beats Tokyo and Seoul ranking 14th tourist destination city in 2015, while Hong Kong regains world champion, according to the Top City Destinations Ranking 2017 released on Thursday, are you starting to wonder how the city looks like and what is the best way to explore her beauty?

The well-known Taipei 101 (Chinese: 臺北101 / 台北101) — stylized as TAIPEI 101 was officially classified as the world’s tallest in 2004, and remained such until the completion of Burj Khalifa in Dubai in 2009. “Taiwan is only just beginning to garner the attention it has always deserved. Cosmopolitan Taipei was named World Design Capital last year, highlighting its pioneering creative scene, new wave cafés and all-round sophisticated city life, while the country’s cuisine and night markets remain world renowned. China’s influence is obvious… Taiwan has a unique geography, mentality and identity,” Rough Guides says.

”High-speed trains will whizz you out of cities to steamy forests and jagged mountains. Non-stop nightlife is never far from bubbling hot springs and sunny sub-tropical shores. Cutting-edge modern architecture sits side-by-side with ancient temples,” the travel publisher says.

Spring and Autumn Pavilion, Kaohsiung (Flickr)

Below comes with the reasons you should visit the wonderful city right now!

Famous soup dumplings at Din Tai FungLyndsay Hemphill/Business Insider

1. Let's start with the food. Taiwanese people love to eat. The dishes people miss the most when they leave include beef noodle soup, Michelin 1 star soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung, and the uniquely Taiwanese oyster omelettes.

Typical breakfast in Taiwan includes either sweet or savory doujiang, or soy milk. Lyndsay Hemphill/Business Insider

2. If you’ve never had Taiwanese breakfast, you’re missing out. Fuhang Doujiang in Taipei has a line out the door every morning and the wait for soy milk, egg crepes, and fried dough sticks is worth it.

Shi-lin night market wkao5 — WordPress.com

3. Every major city has at least one night market — and all of them are worth visiting to try local specialty snacks and shop for souvenirs. Taipei alone has several night markets, including Shilin and Raohe.

Climbing down Keelung Mountain near Jiufen, TaiwanLyndsay Hemphill/Business Insider

4. Taiwan’s western coastline is made up of towns and cities, but the center of the island features beautiful mountains you can climb for breathtaking views. Mountains are top-rated scenic spots on TripAdvisor.

Hayao Miyazaki’s inspiration for Spirited Away: the town of Jiufen, Taiwan by sourcreamjunkie

5. In Taipei it’s easy to go from the super modern to the historic and enchanting. Just a short ride from Taipei, for example, is the charming mountainside town of Jiufen.

Passengers leave trains at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Station on New Year’s Eve. (Benjamin Dunn/Neon Tommy).

6. The subways in Taipei get you pretty much everywhere, plus they are clean and timely. And cheap! You can get most places for less than a dollar.

Taipei’s bike share program is called U-Bike. Antonio Tajuelo/Flickr

7. If you prefer to get around by bike, Taipei has a bike share program where the first 30 minutes will cost you a mere 5 Taiwan dollars (15 cents), and docks are located all around the city.

Free WiFi spot in TAIPEI 101 Lyndsay Hemphill/Business Insider

8. Taipei was one of the first cities to embrace widespread free internet usage (even for tourists!). You can find free Wi-Fi at all train stations and most major tourist attractions.

Spontaneous swing dancing inTaipeiLyndsay Hemphill/Business Insider

9. Taipei is a place where you can expect to be unexpectedly charmed. You might stumble upon a skilled group of swing dancers in the midst of a warehouse that has been converted to a shopping center and exhibition hall.