Why I decided to get involved in UX Design

I decided to get involved in User Experience Design because I have always had an interest in computers and technology. I also enjoy playing video games and the types of problem solving they involve. When researching UX Design, I learned a lot of it involves coming up with creative solutions to problems, which to me is sort of like playing a game. Given this comparison, it felt like the perfect field for me to get involved in since it combines a lot of elements that I’m passionate about.

I graduated from Temple University as an English major and got a job at a call center to gain work experience. I felt there wasn’t much to expand upon in this career once I learned all the basic functions of the job. However, one aspect I really enjoyed was helping coworkers with computer issues. I also enjoyed thinking critically about how I could improve the user experience of the software we used to complete our tasks. There were a lot of problems I had with the interface that I feel would have been a no-brainer to fix. Instead, we were expected to learn how to work around all these minor inconveniences.

With UX Design, I feel that I will be able to help make websites and apps more accessible and less frustrating to use for people based on my own experiences with technology.

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