Violence: My personal view
Noah Villanen

Killing fake people in video games doesn’t lead to satisfaction, the high score does, in my opinion. Those that are sane and play video games can distinguish the video game from reality. When a sane individual plays video games, they strive for a high score, for example. Individuals that experience psychopathic or sociopathic traits may feel that things such as power and control are the rewards of violent video games, and that they will discover the same thing in real life, which is extremely unsettling. The same thing goes for movies and television shows — those that can distinguish between right and wrong will watch the movie for entertainment purposes, whereas someone that cannot distinguish between right and wrong may take the movie or television show in a more literal sense and feel as though it can be applied to their life. Therefore, different types of people will interpret the media in different ways — it all depends on the person.

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