A Visit from an Old Friend

I had an unexpected visit from an old friend this week. Seemingly out of the blue my iPhone battery returned to tolerable. Three weeks I installed the iOS 11gm via the public beta program. Overall I’ve enjoyed Apple’s latest batch of features. Especially on the iPad the new multitasking features help productivity.

On the iPhone even after a week or so of use there were two things in particular that stood out that that I missed. The first was 3D touch along the edge of the phone to bring up the app switcher. I didn’t realize how much I used that shortcut to bring up the switcher. The iPhone X is removing the home button and using a new gesture. The new gesture seems like it would be slower. Apple should be making it easier to switch apps not harder. This feature well liked presumable from within Apple as it looks like they are bringing this feature back.

The second thing that stood out was the incredibly short battery life. After installing iOS 11 my phone went from generally a single charge per day to needing several charges per day. Most days after very little use it would be down to 35% before noon. After a week I decided something needed to be done. I reinstalled iOS 10 and setup as a new phone. From there I upgraded to 11 and restored my apps from a backup. Unfortunately my battery life did not improve. Unfortunately this also exhausted my shallow bag of tricks. I was not happy about it but with no alternates I was resigned to having to recharge my phone as soon as I got into work. On a typical commute I’ll listen to 20–30 minutes of podcasts. My phone usually sits on my desk until lunch time. By lunch time I usually have used at most 10% of the battery. On the fifth day my phone had 100% charge after my morning commute. By lunch time 92% was remaining! Apparently my wait and see strategy had worked. Since then my phone battery has been back to normal. Outside of the battery issues I’ve enjoyed iOS 11 so far.

I’m not really sure what happened, but my take is that initially my old install post update was a little wonky. It needed time to settle down, perhaps reindex and perform routine cleanup post upgrade and restore. If you have similar problems I suggest first try patience. If you’ve waited a few days try the restore to factory and reload from backup. Hopefully your battery will respond as mine did. It’s been good to have my friend back.

This article was originally posted mchaler.org.