Into the Fire by Asking Alexandria: A New Era of Metalcore

Usually I review movies, but I love music too, and I figured I might as well do a review of the new track Into the Fire by Asking Alexandria, which they’ve been teasing and in contrast fans have been anticipating for a while now. I’ve been a fan of these guys for a good while now and this music video recently just hit YouTube. I’ve watched it a couple times and have jammed along to it in my car, so I’ll give you my thoughts on this one.

For those who don’t know, Asking Alexandria is one of the biggest metalcore bands to hit this last decade. They’ve seemed to cycle through different genres throughout different albums, and they started off as “screamo” for lack of a better term, and through the years have worked their way through electronicore, post-hardcore, heavy metal, and hard rock. If you ask me they may not be quite as commercially successful as say Bring Me the Horizon, but they still have given some solid jam outs for me throughout the time I’ve been listening to them.

Now in this instance, I can’t rate this the same way I would rate a movie, so I’m just going to talk about the singular components/segments of the song and reflect on those. I want to mention before I jump into this the type of material this song contains, and that boils down to a few key parts that make it what it is: it’s mainstream hard rock (not a bad thing), it’s solid, simple, and easy for someone to listen to. That being said, here we go.


Hits like a solid rock, nothing flashy or over the top, nothing electronic, it’s everything you want in a rock song; a solid standard starting beat that builds into a headbanging riff before the first verse. If you’re familiar with the metal genre, the best comparison would be something like The Vengeful One by Disturbed. Nothing held back. You can just feel yourself evolve into this greater being within the climactic transition.


Obviously it’s the verses of these kind of songs that give it the depth that it needs. The simple drum beat followed by the sing along lyrics by the one and only Danny Worsnop, who returned to the band just last year, has this smooth whisky-like feel while at the same time edges this rough rock-like surface that keeps your head moving back and forth… just slightly.


The melody is almost like this giant orchestral powerhouse that makes you feel like you can run through a field of bombs. It has this way of bringing the heat without being over the top by remaining simple, and yet doesn’t follow the standard four-chord progression that most radio music genres use. The slow paced lyrics make it easy to jump in and sing (or at least try, I can’t hit that range). The music video makes this chorus feel extra powerful just by watching it.


I honestly expected a hard hitting bridge from Asking Alexandria, and that’s exactly what I got. I’m still trying to comprehend the vocals at that specific part, and to be honest, it is a bit of a weird addition to the rest of the song, but it’s nothing I don’t recognize from this band. It isn’t the biggest headbanger but I don’t think it needs to be, it fit pretty well.

It seems like these guys have officially evolved from boys to men, and it makes me wonder, will this effect the future generations of Metalcore bands? This almost doesn’t feel like Asking Alexandria, but at the same time it somehow does. After the release of their most recent album The Black with vocalist Dennis Stoff, they took a break from writing music, and it made me think about what their music would sound like after the original vocalist’s return. Into the Fire delivered something that I hadn’t heard, this sense of maturity, and it’s almost as if this exactly the kind of song I was anticipating them to write. It would be wrong if they tried to go back to their roots of electronicore or screamo.

When I heard that Danny Worsnop came back to the band, I was pretty excited. Here’s the thing, I knew that when they were to release new music after Danny’s return that it was going to be different, because what band stays the same? I knew they were going to come out with something that’s different from Stand Up & Scream, From Death to Destiny, etc. (previous albums). In my mind I pictured something just like this song. The thing about it is that it’s very simple, very cookie cutter, straight across the board, but it just WORKS. It fits, you know? It’s exactly what I imagined their sound changing into and it works really well for them. In my opinion, it’s better than anything they ever did with Dennis. If you have the time, give this a listen, I think anyone who enjoys standard hard rock could appreciate what it brings to the table.

My grade for Into the Fire by Asking Alexandria: A-

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