This is how Big Oil will die
Seth Miller

Great article Seth, an exciting and dynamic future surely lies ahead.

There are a few points that I would like to address though..

  1. The transportation industry is no doubt a large consumer of fossil fuels, my search returns a number between 20–30% of energy consumption in this sector. While the complexity of the modern IC engine could possibly lead to its demise, the reliance and importance on this type of motor cannot go unmentioned. I have read that Tesla is developing an electric truck to disrupt the trucking-distribution sector but a lot of our goods are still manufactured and shipped using a petroleum based engine. (airline, trucks, shipping <- mentioned in your article but this sector plays a huge role in most of the goods we use across the globe)
  2. Even before we get to distribution, how about the countless petroleum based products that are ubiquitous throughout our day. I am hard-pressed to find an object on my desk that has not been touched by some form of oil. Now, I do have a friend who does research in ‘organic-based products’ and while I one hundred percent behind this development, I am well aware of the difficulties to breach and overtake petroleum based products.
  3. How about the large factions of people who simply enjoy driving / IC engine based events. The rate at which oil is no longer sought after might be delayed (not halted) by this population who see vehicles not merely as a means of transportation but as a hobby, investment, even a religion I dare say.

To set the tone of my concern, I iterate that I am fully behind the development and pursuit of a renewable energy source and means of transport, but I have trouble over-looking certain resistors in the circuit which might delay this process.

It will take great vision (seems to be proliferating) and public investment (ditto), and I hope that reality does in fact match what this article claims.

Thanks for sharing!


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