The Necessity of Creative Work

The last couple of years have been busy for me creatively. I edited my first autobiography, and was approached by others to ghostwrite and edit their work. I was invited to join a local group of Southern visual artists and writers. As a part of this creative group, I asked to write a screen play to be performed at their event for a festival. Following this event, I was approached about doing a poetry collective with one of the members. This book is to be illustrated and released next year on Mother’s Day. In the midst of preparing the collection, I got the opportunity to pitch an idea for a black, lesbians web-series that I have been writing in my mind for years now. With all of these creative projects on the horizon, I find myself struggling to maintain my momentum. I have had to remind myself why I continue to write, why I continue to do what I like to call my Creative Work.

I have to say I believe that the reason why all of these creative opportunities have opened up to me recently is because I have been called to do it. Reading was my first love, writing was my second. I love words. My conflict with this love affair?

Well, what is the practicality in writing? How do I benefit from holing up for a day with a good Pandora station (currently, NAO) and my Chromebook and writing? No one is paying me. In fact, I will be paying to put my work out into the world. Is it really worth it?

I think this is a necessary question for anyone who creates anything. I also think the answer is always: yes.

Yes, it is worth it.

Two reasons: I need to write and someone needs to see what I write. I have a voice and a vision for a reason. I have to reach out and touch someone in the world with my words. It is my job to do so. It is also my job to do my work. By work, I don’t mean that thing I do 40 hours a week to cover my bills, I mean my spiritual work.

When I write, I am as close to myself as I’m going to get. Writing is like praying. It’s like meditation. There is a certain magic that occurs when I open my notebook or open my laptop and tell my truth. That magic feels like an exchange between me and the universe/ God. It feels necessary and therapeutic. So I show up and I do this work in hopes that it will go out into the world and do for someone else what it does for me: heal.

I believe this is true for anyone who creates. Be it musical, visual, or literary, there is a healing power in all art forms. I commend any artists who is willing to sacrifice their time, space, and sanity to create something beautiful for someone else to experience. That’s where the value lies.

I also know that the reason why I have been approached and invited to share my work is because I have made time and space for it. As promised by the Law of Attraction, the more time I spend doing this thing I love, the more it will continue to find me.

And thank goodness for that.