Bernie’s Message

Bernie Sanders may not win the nomination that would go on to win the presidency. He will win in a much larger way. He alone has won 83% of the votes of voters under 30 in New Hampshire. In the most recent upset in Michigan where all polls pointed towards him loosing, he received 81% of the votes from the age range of 18 through 29. His outreach to the millennia is outstanding. Being the oldest candidate, you would expect those numbers to be lower.

When I first heard of Bernie Sanders, I was supporting Hillary and decided he was worth the chance to be looked into. I was supporting her as boldly and bravely as I am now with Bernie. His message so profound and bold that I had to stand with him.

The message: “A Future to Believe In!” Honestly I am starting to believe in a future where there are no wars to where elections aren’t won by superPACs. I believe whole heartily that Bernie Sanders is the best pick for America. I will be saddened if he doesn’t get the nomination, but the impact of Bernie’s message will live with me forever. I will never forget his message of making America a better future for everyone not just billionaires. I cannot express my gratitude towards him and his campaign for shining light on what I want to become in life: becoming a spokesperson for people who would otherwise not have a voice. To show people that there is a light at the end of a dark and twisty tunnel.

I don’t think his message has only impacted me, but it has also resonated with the youth of America and the world. Climate change for example is a topic very important to me, I don’t want to leave future generations a world that has irreversible conditions that I could have fixed.

I urge you to really look into Bernie Sanders, take a few minutes out of your day to read what he is really about. His message has pushed me to be more politically active in my life.

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