Natural disasters (particularly hurricanes and wildfires) conjure images of flooded roadways, buildings without power, and homes ablaze against the juxtaposition of night. Depending on the extent of damage, people can either return to work shortly thereafter or engage in lengthy cleanup efforts both physical and digital.

In this post, we will document recent disasters as well as focus on preemptive, cloud-forward steps IT organizations can complete to make getting back to work relatively easy. Relative is the key word here, because with any natural disaster there is a significant amount of effort just to get back to work, so we…

Technology evolves at an extremely rapid pace. But, it’s important to know that computing power isn’t everything. Heck, the Apollo missions utilized computers with less computational power than a modern iPhone, and those systems landed people on the moon. Just because something may seem low-tech to us now, doesn’t mean it lacks a purpose. Here are our top five examples of outdated technology at work.

5. Preventing a Meltdown

Like many young adults growing up and making their way in the world, the founder of Facebook didn’t own his own house…ahem, data center. They had to rent. So when the…

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We trust doctors to care for us when we are ill and provide us with proactive advice to ensure that we remain healthy for years to come. But, how would you feel if you were to learn that those same approaches — fixing what is broken and remaining proactive — aren’t always at the forefront of healthcare IT? Here are our top 5 recent healthcare security breaches — and ways healthcare IT can avoid them.

5. Cancer Care Group, Inc. Settles for $750,000

Following the theft of a laptop that had removable, unencrypted media on it including names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, insurance information and clinical…

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The effects of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) revolution can be felt in just about every facet of modern life. But, there was once a time when the SaaS delivery model was nascent and industry people were simply trying to determine what it meant for software. Now that the model has penetrated transportation, food, and even dog walking we begin to see these varied offerings as on-demand services where service providers facilitate access to their property — material, intellectual, or otherwise. …

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