Britain’s Last Cold War Carrier Sails Into the Sunset
War Is Boring

This article got me thinking about military and specifically Naval powers of the world. There’s been alot of discussion in the past year about rebuilding the Navy. And while there’s always room for discussion, it’s interesting to look at why we would need to build more ships.

Russia’s navy is in such disrepair, their aircraft are crashing while attempting to land on their sole aircraft carrier. The great British Navy of old, is rapidly falling apart as they retire ship after ship. Sure China has a fledgling Naval force, but hardly worthy of being called a great Naval power.

On top of naval forces around the world deteriorating at a fast rate, Naval wars just don’t exist anymore like they used to. The last remaining ship in the US fleet that’s sunk a enemy combatant is the USS Constitution.

Now one can’t argue that our Naval forces allow us to project power better than any other country on earth has ever been able to do, but when is enough enough? We have a Navy hell bent on ship count (think LCS), rather than quality (again think LCS).

Maybe it’s time to build a fleet that’s smaller, and more functional, rather than a fleet that’s larger than the next few Naval forces combined.

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