Imposter Syndrome Ep. 1
Mianya Ong

Thanks for sharing this. I’m interviewing an engineer on Monday that fits the exact situation you described. I’ve felt the same ‘imposter syndrome’ feelings several times over as a software engineer. I sometimes find myself comparing my expertise to others around me without taking into consideration how many years they’ve lapped me in experience. “How does David know so much about XYZ when I haven’t even heard the terms before?” This thought isn’t uncommon as I’ve been the youngest engineer on all teams I’ve been a part of thus far. It can be intimidating to pair knowledge with an engineer who has been in the field longer than I’ve been alive. Keeping things in perspective has kept me grounded.

With that being said, I’m forever appreciative for being the youngster. I’ve learned so much from these old geezers. “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

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