I Don’t Scream for Ice Cream I Yell Bloody Murder

Gosh I love the public market- I swear I’m at this place easily once a week. I could probably find my way here with my eyes shut (I promise I wont attempt it). On a quick side note, to be honest, I messed up the directions for tonight and wrote one question for each different place… After a lovely chat with Lori I corrected myself and focused on just one place. For tonight, I wanted to try something new. Usually I end up grabbing a Honey Sting from the coffee shop (highly recommended) and sushi from the small bar (grab the sweet potato roll when you get a chance!) Today though I found myself at the ice cream bar. I’m not usually a huge ice cream person, but today I was just really feeling it after seeing Dave wandering around looking happy as a clam with his giant superman ice cream cone. I purchased a Jamocha Joe flavor and honestly have no regrets. The stuff was unbelievably good. After my super-nice-super-cute server was done helping the other customers (and finishing other students questions) I walked up. To be honest I felt pretty awkward doing it- to approach a random stranger is not something I’m capable of casually doing. Glancing at my questions I decided in advance that I was going to approach the interview with the basic questions first to make it less awkward. I was also curious to see if these basic questions helped inspire anything new. The question “do you make your own ice cream” lead to a long and interesting story about how they used to make their own, yet new laws about not making dairy and candy together on site lead to them buying from a different place in order to save money. Having their own dairary would be far too expensive. Another interesting part of the interview was when he told me that he traded ice cream with other venders for food! This summer I worked at a farmers market and we did the exact same thing. I found it be a nice inside scoop to the inner trading that take place within the public market! He said that the venders were actually all very close and that they would even have big cook outs together sometimes with all the owners and the staff combined.

Lastly I asked what their most busy season was, expecting it to summertime, but he said that Christmas time was a madhouse and definitly the most busy time of the year!

Overall- Once the interview started I felt my nerves and worries melt away as the conversation carried more naturally. I was so inspired to make new questions by the answers I got I realized that we had been totally side tracked and I still had half my questions left to ask him. Yet, the ones that his answers lead me to were definitely more interesting than the ones that I had come up with previous to talking to him. Having them beforehand though definitely helped me feel more prepared and ready going into it.

(Here they are with their chocolate!)

Definitely going to be day dreaming about the ice cream tomorrow! Maybe I’ll walk back down for round two…

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