Matt Damon, Where Ya At?

Super cool interview experience today with Taryn. Coming up with our alien questions was a pretty rad new persepctive. At first it seemed so general, but once we moved and got into it I felt like my questions grew more unique and fun.

Honestly, I didn’t really picture those questions being asked to me. The questions like “what do you do to feel fufilled in life” and “what is humanity” were deeper.I felt very compelled to fill the conversation with honesty instead of giving short, safe answers.

Taryn also had to speak on behalf of some powerful and heavy questions too- “what have you done with your existence?” for example. Basically, we went from strangers to personal freaky fast. It was really interesting to get another persons perspective on the questions that I thought of, like “what is art?”. Wonderfully, there is no direct ‘right’ answer to most of them. What is art to me is not art to her. What is fufillment to me is not fufillment to her. Of course as an Alien, I wouldn’t know this, but as a human I both know it and am intrigued by it. It emphasizes the idea that we are all such unique individuals.

Hell.. if some Martian came down to Wisco-ave right now, he would get such a different picture of humanity depending on what person he happened to grab on the street. So it begs the question of what is the right answer if ours are all different? Is there a right answer to the 5W’s and H of life questions?

Overall, the creativity drawn from the task today was pretty inspiring. As I mentioned, I liked the moving around and relocating to help stem new inspiration. The getting to know our classmates was a nice sneaky perk too. I feel compelled to go ask some of my friends these questions now. Maybe the answers would be inspiring.

All I know is, whoever put the question- ‘If you came home and Bob Saget was in your kitchen eating a grilled cheese, what would you do?”- totally made my day.

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