Reflecting Round 3

Some of the questions today were humorous, while some very thought provoking. Writing them was vey casual and fun, while having to answer to them was a whole different story. There is a certain heaviness and anxiety that can come with being faced with a question as extreme as “do you feel fulfilled?” Give me an hour or two to write up my deep feelings on the subject and okay, I got this. Yet give me an awkward 5 second pause to gather my thoughts? Woah. Nobody asks that kind of stuff anymore. It was a total game changer and I think it made the resposnes for me (maybe everyone?) a little more honest. It was also an awesome interaction towards getting to know our classmates better. The actually making of the questions to me was a great way of showing myself that I am capable of scratching past that surface of ‘typical’, and that with the right inspiration and effort can find a more unique way to approach things.

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