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If you’ve ever worked at a high-growth software engineering company, you might have heard a conversation about technical debt that goes like this:

Person A: “We could release so much faster if we just did X…”
Person B: “That makes sense — so why haven’t you done it?”
Person A: “Well, with all this feature work, we just don’t have time.”

Or comments like this:

“We really need to do this. We should just stop all feature work until we fix this.”

I’ve been on both sides of the fence with these situations — and when I’ve been on the receiving end (Person B above), fixing the problem is almost always well justified with sound logic yet doesn’t always get the “buy-in” it needs! …

There’s a lot of great content out there for learning Go — so much, in fact, that I often get asked for a list of resources people should look at. Whether you’re a beginner programmer or experienced engineer, if you’re interested in learning Go here’s what I recommend checking out — roughly in the order given.

Installing Go

Editors/IDE’s & Plugins

Free & Open Source:

If you’re interested in learning the Go programming language, this guide will walk you through how to set up a brand new Mac step-by-step, with all the tools you’ll need to write and run Go programs.

In this guide will cover how to:

  1. Download & Install Go; the programming language tools/binaries.
  2. Download & Install a Code Editor; a tool to write Go code in.
  3. Create Your Go Workspace; a place to store your code.
  4. Write Your First Go Program; a simple “hello world” program.

Let’s begin!

1. Download & Install Go

Installing Go

Download Go for “Apple macOS” from: https://golang.org/dl/

Double-click on the downloaded file (e.g. go1.10.2.darwin-amd64.pkg) …


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