Ryan Liang
Jul 11 · 1 min read

My name is Ryan and I started the San Diego Code School program on 5/18/2019 and I am on week #7 out of the 12 week FullStack JavaScript course. Even though the program is getting even more stressful due to the increasing difficulty level of tech stacks, I’m still feeling great after 6 weeks.

The biggest challenges I faced this week was implementing another project with React and Bootstrap (same tech stacks as in week #5 and #6). The same challenges remained this week. Learning how to utilize React and Bootstrap for the third time was still challenging. I was able to overcome the challenge by persistently searching the web for documents related to the these two tech stacks. Once I understood how they work, I completed the project correctly.

The one of the most important new things I learned deeper this week was data passing from parent react component to children components. Another thing I learned was using web APIs with AXIOS for a hackathon project.

The advice I have for anyone learning this topic is to implement simple projects that exercise the React/Bootstrap features/Web APIs.