Hey Ryan,
Dani Amsalem

Instagram disabled our @CBDfx account with over 34K followers for no reason and with no warning. After many attempts to contact them, our account still remains disabled over a month later. We filled out their proper form 15 times before we FINALLY got a reply from Instagram on May 31st after it having already been 8 DAYS without our account. I included screenshots of my (very few) emails between myself and “Elliot” over at Instagram. They were all clearly form emails with no personalization or attention. After sending only their second reply, the email account went silent and after a few days no longer received emails.

For whatever reason, the email I was communicating with now had been shut down and I no longer had any way of directly contacting Instagram. Completely back to square one where we were on May 23rd. Since this happened on June 9th, we’ve been sending in similar inquiries through the Instagram help/support pages with no luck and absolutely no responses at all from anyone at Instagram. It’s June 26th now and it’s been over a month without our account and our business has taken a brutal hit because of it.

The worst part is we keep coming back to the same question: why was our account shut down in the first place?

If we had to guess, it most likely happened because people abused the reporting tool. Anyone can report photos/comments on Instagram and it opens the door for our competitors to just report us and have us removed. All of a sudden the reporting tool becomes a marketing tool for them. How great would it be if you could simply report your competitor’s page enough times to have it shut down?

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