SuccessChef: Become Invincible (For Beginners)

The Secret to Invincibility is not in harnessing some type of super power, or even achieving the most insane feats known to mankind. Invincibility lies in your ability to be consistent, disciplined, and routine in how you start and end your days.

Discipline equals freedom. ~ Jocko Willink

This quote by highly decorated Navy SEAL officer, Jocko Willink, is the essence of life. His book, Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win is a must read for any of you leaders out there!

There are certain daily surprises that siphon the life force energy from your soul…UNLESS we choose to face them with diligent preparation. One way to take the power back from these inevitable circumstances is to consistently define how our day starts. We can’t all be Navy SEALS, but we can sure as hell learn from some of the world’s best in constructing a morning routine.

Total Time: 45 minutes Ingredients List: 
- Water Purifier
- Living Room (at least an 8x8 open space area)
- Pull Up Bar or High Ledge
- Coffee Maker (Teapot)
- Empty Notebook/Journal
- Pen
Yoga Mat

STEP 1: Drink three, 8 ounce glasses of purified water

Duration: 1 minute
 What You Need:
Water Purifier, drinking glass
 Where: Kitchen
 Why: Rehydrates Your Body, Flushes Out Toxins, Starts your Metabolism, Fuels Your Brain, Keeps You “Regular”, Prevents and Cures Disease.

Did you know your brain is made of about 75% water?

Immediately upon waking, I head right to the kitchen to my Berkey Water Filter and slam down three 8oz glasses of purified water. After the second glass you won’t want to drink the third, so immediately I’m conditioning my brain to grind through even the smallest most mundane tasks. It’s best not to eat anything for 45 minutes afterward, which is why the Morning Routine conveniently takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

Some of the benefits of water therapy found in Japanese studies will reduce or cure the following: Headache, body ache, heart system, arthritis, fast heart beat, epilepsy, excess fatness, bronchitis asthma, TB, meningitis, kidney and urine diseases, vomiting, gastritis, diarrhea, piles, diabetes, constipation, all eye diseases, womb, cancer and ear nose and throat diseases.

Source: Dr. Anthony Biz, Chiropractic Wellness Center.

Step 2: Open a Few Windows

Duration: 1 minute
 What You Need:
A pair of biceps
 Where: The room you will be doing your routine in.
 Why: Stimulates the brain, wakes your nervous system & upper body muscles, creates social harmony with outside world.

Biophilia Hypothesis — suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems.

To start, I only started doing this step about 2 years ago because my cat, Leo, loves to lay on the open window sill. Eventually, I realized that this was the entire reason he was constantly waking me up at 5:30am in the summers and 6:30am in the winters — to watch the birds fly up to a feeder outside our living room window. Needless to say this also keeps him from bugging me during my morning routine.

This is the part of the routine where our mental self levels up.

I know what listening to birds in the morning does for me, but until you actually take a moment to hear a bird singing…it’s difficult to describe the momentary euphoria erupting between your ears. The psychology of hearing mother nature kickstart her engine does wonders for the activity of your brain. There seems to be a lack of total research on the subject, but positive results include past studies: for example, studies found that bird songs make traffic noise more tolerable , make people feel less crowded and can even mediate circadian rhythm .

Another reason why I open windows is to feel the cool or cold wind rush in. The winter chill will wake your ass up, and with it comes the goosebumps. These shakes come quicker than downing a red eye from Starbucks (secret menu item).

Step 3 — Make the Bed

Duration: 2 minutes
 What You Need:
 Where: Bedroom.
 Why: Various Reasons

No matter how shitty your day is, no matter catastrophic it might become, you can make your bed. This gives me the feeling that even on a disastrous day that I’ve held on by a fingernail… ~ Tim Ferriss

I’m highly visual.

This simple tiny task creates a feeling of organization, well-being, control over tasks, and minor sense of accomplishment. All of these feelings ultimately lead to making healthier choices throughout the meat of my day. If you work from home, or if you’re like me and have your desk in your bedroom, this is a great visual for supporting your sub-conscious.

Step 4 — Movement Practice

Duration: 10–12 minutes
 What You Need:
 Where: The open space where your windows are open.
 Why: Many Health Benefits both mental and physical

Now that your mind is coming to, it’s time to poke the dragon.

For me this is where I generally have the most resistance. If you’re implementing this routine into your day…tell me, is this the most difficult part for you too? (email me or comment below, and I will give you a shout on the next podcast!

This is the part of the routine where our physical self levels up. Rather than letting the waking aches and pains determine how your day starts…tell your body what to do. This is the most physically exciting part of the morning routine. My choices are between 2 of the 4 activities on any given morning.

Activity 1: Walking

Briskly Walk 1 mile (no cell phone or music, just be present in your surroundings)

Activity 2: Yoga’Ing

Surya Namaskara — “Sun Salutations

Activity 3: Stretching

“Rise and Shine: 8 Stretches You Should Do Each Morning”

Activity 4: Excercising (Core)

“Six Easy Exercises to Strengthen Your Core”

If I decide it’s a morning walk, I usually follow up by the stretching routine. I like choosing two of the four because it’s interesting to see how my body reacts to what combinations. The goal here is not to break out into a full on sweat, but you’re heart rate will definitely be elevated — think less, “Shaun T’s Insanity,” and more, “90 bpm.”

Come on y’all! Work it out! ~ Shaun T

Step 5 — Hang

Duration: 2 minutes
 What You Need:
A chin-up/pull-up bar (or ledge taller than yourself), and a healthy pair of forearms.
 Where: Any open doorway.
 Why: Grip and Forearm strength, spinal decompression, range of motion

Hang in there! We’re almost done the routine.

Allowing your heart rate to come back down, grab onto a chin-up or pull-up bar and let gravity do it’s job. Don’t use more strength then is necessary, and keep your mind focused on letting your shoulders and arms slowly stretch out. What will happen is the shoulders will loosen, the elbows will create the minor necessary adjustments, and the wrists and forearms will develop strength that has been lost.

Over time, we lose the overhead reaching range of motion in our shoulders. Go ahead and try it right now — stand up. Lift your hands high above your head, arms straight up, touch your fingers and see if you can hold for 1 minute. For most men, having broad shoulders equates to a lack of overall range of motion & flexibility.

Ido Portal, a master and coach of movement culture, explains the benefits of different types of hanging in his blog. Depending on your abilities, I would incorporate some type of minor hanging practice throughout the day. For me — I hold for 15 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, in four different gripping positions. This is a total of 2 minutes, that I perform at least 3 times a day randomly.

Step 6 — Meditate

Duration: 5–20 minutes
 What You Need:
A comfortable seating position
 Where: Any room
 Why: Increased Happiness, Health, Intelligence, Enlightenment, Awareness, Concentration, Improved Relationships, Stress Relief, and many more…

For more info on Transcendental Meditation (TM) — head over to

The ultimate goal is 20 minutes, but I cannot stress enough to start small and aim for 5 minutes at a time. You definitely receive benefits from shorter 5 minute sessions, but an increase in these benefits result from 15–20 minute sessions. Take on longer sessions after you work up your meditation endurance for the first week…with the goal of maybe adding 5 minutes a week to your total time. There is a need for early cognitive wins in order to let meditation become a true habit. Rushing into long sessions too quickly can develop a mental fatigue, thus, causing us to not stick to the beneficial habit.

  • Start by giving yourself 5 minutes to cool off from the movement and hanging practice, by focusing on your breathing.
  • If there is a song that puts you in a good mood, you can listen to that and focus for the duration.
  • Meditate with a mantra (or saying) in mind that you can repeat over and over. I’ve recorded audio clips of myself repeating various mantras for health, success, happiness, love, etc.
  • Set an alarm for the duration, but make sure the sound is a pleasant one to slowly bring you back from cosmic relaxation.
  • There is a concentration muscle that you’re strengthening — this will take time to improve!
  • It doesn’t matter how many times you catch yourself drifting into negative or past/future thoughts — you can reverse the drift, take the wheel, and steer your mind back on course…literally think about just sitting, being, breathing, or being present.

Step 7 — Hot Coffee (or Tea!)

Duration: 3 minutes
 What You Need:
Favorite Organic Coffee or Tea
 Where: Kitchen
 Why: Just because!

My personal reason: there are definitely benefits of having a hot/warm drink before your breakfast, not the least of which include improving your weight loss goals, rehydration (in the case of tea), and of course preparing your GI tract for digestion.

Honestly I do it primarily because I love the taste of coffee and the spiritual comfort I get from drinking something warm in the morning…especially in the winter!

Step 8 — Freestyle Writing

Duration: 5 minutes
 What You Need:
Empty Notebook or Journal + Pen
 Where: In your meditation spot.
 Why: Releases negative energy, turns creative thoughts reality, gets the brain releasing anything tucked away.

While having your tea…this is where whatever is left weighing on your conscious gets released…like a sack of bricks.

There will be a million things running through your head. Not only from starting the day, but even after you meditate, some of the leftovers might still be stuck upstairs.

Maybe there is a thought form you’re stuck on? Maybe someone pissed you off two days ago and you just haven’t moved past it?

Maybe you are literally so stoked about an upcoming experience that you need to tell someone…but it’s 6am, your single, and you share a 1 bedroom apartment with your cat? (totally not from personal experience)

Just Write Dammit.

Write for the sake of writing — not to have perfect punctuation, not to make clear concise thoughts….

There are no politically correct people here in your space…

Added bonus: this can be negative writing too! Bitching about whatever thoughts are weighing on your mind releases the conflict from inside your head, and puts this drama out onto the paper. I find that strangely, doing this every once in awhile allows me to move on with my day much easier.

TOTAL TIME = Approximately 40–45 minutes

Advice for Mornings

  • This is YOUR time, and it may be the only time you have for yourself throughout the rest of the day…PROTECT it as if it were your child!
  • Try to avoid using electronics during the morning routine.
  • Absolutely no texting, emailing, checking social updates, etc. You will have all day for that.
  • Use a stopwatch, a wall clock, or digital alarm clock to check your time frames.
  • If you cannot do this routine for seven days a week, try starting with a Monday through Saturday, or maybe a Monday through Friday routine.
  • Note — If you can complete this new routine through Saturdays and Sundays, for a duration of at least 3.5 weeks, then the success rate for this habit to stick increases by greater than 85%.

Take note of the changes in your habits, the way you interact with others, your state of mind and well being, your productivity levels, as well as the negative effects or drags from changing your biochemistry.

Be Different. Be Disciplined. Be Mindful.

Always Remember that Total Awareness = taking control over your life!

I’d love to hear your routines!

Call (508) 534–8626 and leave a voicemail for a chance to have your message featured on our podcast!

Originally published at on October 19, 2016.